Above the fold

By Brian Miller


The other reason for choosing Above the Fold as the title is more metaphorical and has to do with the type of information you’ll find within the book.

If the information that appears above the fold on a newspaper or Web site is the most important and engaging of its time, the information you’ll find in the book Above the Fold is too.

It is important that Web designers learn, in addition to the necessary technical aspects of digital media, the fundamentals of design that lead to clear communication.

This book looks at Web design as a form of graphic communication—a point of difference from most of the other Web design books on the market. Most of the current books on Web design are outdated before they’re even printed, because they focus heavily on style and trends.


B rian Miller is an award-winning designer and lecturer who specializes in branding for the Web and print. In addition to managing the Brian Miller Design Group, he teaches design at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design, and is an executive member of the board of directors for the Type Directors Club. Brian has an MPS in design management from Pratt Institute and a BFA in graphic design from the Hartford Art School. He also studied design at the Newport School of Art and Design in Wales.

the phrase" Above the fold" reminds us that there are both close similarities and vast differences between print and web design.
Brian Miller