Hello There

Peter Kasamias profile picture, a cartoon of my face

Welcome to my profile page, I'm currently studying for my MA in Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich. Feel free to take a look at my coursework page and Blog. You can contact me via my Twitter page or Linked-In profile.

Project Work

Greenwich University Campus, my current location of study

I've worked on various projects as part of my MA. Recently, I completed a project on HTML5 games development using the Canvas API. A list can be found via my profile.

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Work Experience

An image of Sonic the hedgehog at the SEGA Europe headquarters showing a relation to the video games industry

I have worked in variety of sectors, including the video games industry as a QA Tester for SEGA. The role focused on the analysis of game play mechanics.

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Coding Skills

JavaScript and HTML5 logo depicting skills
  • Working Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Working Knowledge of JQuery Mobile.
  • Working Knowledge of HTML5 / CSS.

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Creative Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop CS6 logo depicting skills
  • Working Knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Working Knowledge of Illustrator.
  • Working Knowledge of Sprite Creator.

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