Hi! I'm Georgia

My name is Georgia Zika and I'm 22 years old from Cyprus.

I graduated with the BA Multimedia and Graphic Arts from Cyprus University of Technology. Now, I'm studying MA Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich.

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about me

Who am I?

At first, I seem a shy person but once I get comfortable with someone, I'm extrovent and more expressive. I like going out for a beer and having quality chats with good friends. I can say, I'm a very good listener! I'm really enthousiastic and big fan of Game of Thrones ( Jon Snow fan... or Aegon Targaryen whatever). Also, I love travelling and, generally, exploring new places!

  • What I like

  • taking photos
  • watching Game of Thrones
  • travelling
  • nutella

little things

  • What I hate

  • traffic
  • insects
  • endless & pointless chats
  • alarms