What's Goin On

What's goin On

Is a song by American recording artist Marvin Gaye,
released in 1971 on the Motown subsidary Talma. The song
was composed by Renaldo Benson, Al Clevand and Gaye
and produced by Gaye himself.

"A Time"

At a time of tremendous social upheaval in America
caused by a very unpopular war with Vietnam, social
fallout of a draconian "Draft Policy", corruption in
the White House, fundamental social rights being ignored
-Marvin Gaye asked the question, What's Goin On? he did so
with a fusion of Soul, Gospel, Funk and Jazz influences and
delivered a vocal master piece that riveted the objective
consciousness of generations in America and across the world Then and Today.


In the song, the question What's Goin On? asked by the
silky smooth voice of the legendary crooner, also has a
key suggestion with the line, "talk to me so you can see".

Just enjoy the words of a lyrical Genius.