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a look at design for the web & all it entails

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design project ②

⌖ Film Promotion


Selecting a film of your choice ~ create promotional web campaign to announce the opening of the first showing and present the required information.

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design project ①

⌖ Typesetting literature


Choosing a suitable piece of literature - focus on presenting the text in a suitable typeface, creating a colour scheme which both aids legibility as well as underpins the context of your chosen piece.
Restriction: use of images is not permitted.

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critical essay

⌖ Grids in webdesign


Choosing a specific angle for this essay ~ discuss the use of grids in webdesign, elaborating on its influence on design and usability.

Present your essay in form of a standalone page using a grid based layout. Depending on your findings and conclusions - choose a suitable grid for your essay page and demonstrate a suitable solution for the presentation of your content.

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