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Design Links

adaptive design

  • Opera Mobile Emulator excellent emulator app for mobile testing, by Opera
  • Responsive Patterns collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs, by Brad Frost
  • The Responsinator online testing tool to view webpages on different screensizes, by Tama Pugsley and Andy Hovey
  • @RWD “This is where Ethan Marcotte … curates link-y things about responsive design.”
  • MediaQueries a showcase of beautifully design repsonsive websites, curated by Eivind Uggedal
  • responsivepx flexible online tool to test for different custom screensizes, built by Remy Sharp.

art online

  • the endless mural AN INTERACTIVE, COLLABORATIVE ART WEBSITE ~ by Joshua Davis Studios and Automata Studios
  • Google Art Project The Art Project is a collaboration between Google and some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums. […] the world’s great works of art and museums are now within reach to an unprecedented global audience.

collecting inspiration

  • Design Inspiration a great collection of user submitted content ~ sharing inspiration
  • Zootool Visual Bookmarking
  • Pinterest Virtual Pinboard
  • The Inspiration Stream A wonderful and ever-growing collection of design inspiration by the lovely Veerle Pieters
  • GimmeBar collect inspiration in form of text, images, videos and webpages ~ discover more through other people’s collections


  • check my colours …a tool for checking foreground and background color combinations of all DOM elements and determining if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits. All the tests are based on the algorithms suggested by the World Wide
  • pictaculous Ever wonder what colors to use with an image? — Upload your image – get a color palette!
  • colour API Search on Flickr to find color inspiration.

craft of design

  • site inspire siteInspire is showcase and CSS gallery featuring the best web design today, designed, developed and curated by kulör
  • Typeverything collections of typographic pieces
  • The Icon Handbook a wonderful online companion to the book of the same name by Jon Hicks: online references, downloads and a blog will keep you learning more and more about icon design
  • Method & Craft This site will not only be valuable to creative veterans, but also educational to those new to the design field. It’s like looking over the shoulder of your favorite designer.
  • ZHDK collection an amazing collection of design work, put together by the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Zurich University of the Arts)

design & creativity

  • The Great Discontent “… is a journal of interviews focusing on creativity, risk, and what connects us as artists.” By Ryan and Tina Essmaker
  • A Creative Dose “Your Booster Shot of Creativity, Productivity, Innovation” by Denise Jacobs
  • The Shape of Design online version of the book by Frank Chimero

design study

  • Creattica Creattica is a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery.
  • Lost World's Fairs promotional showcase for Internet Explorer 9
  • Pattern Tap Pattern Tap is here to satisfy and encourage the inspiration needs of my interface design peers and peeps. We aspire to be the one stop pattern shop for your next inspiration need.
  • Web & Patterns collected patterns in webdesign
  • Little Big Details tumblr blog highlighting well designed details, curated by Floris and Andrew of Gidsy.com

designer's reading lists

grids in webdesign

typography for the web