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Graphic Designers need a good understanding of contemporary web design practice. Web Standards are an important aspect of modern web design and students must learn to adopt a web standards approach to their online designs in order to mark themselves out as “professional” designers. Students need to understand that the visual layer of web design is only superficial and that concepts such as “findability”, “user experience”, and “accessibility” are equally important to users of websites.

In addition, Graphic Designers need to know how to present and promote themselves, whether as a freelance practitioner or when applying for jobs in the public and private sectors. This course encourages students to develop a personal and identifiable style or “branding” and to use this to present their work and to promote themselves, both in print and online.


  • To enable students to develop and implement a personal style or brand.
  • To help students develop a curriculum vitae.
  • To develop a web standards approach to web design.
  • To understand the importance of the non-visual aspects of web design.
  • To equip students with skills to compile presentation materials for self-promotion online.
  • To guide students in acquiring an online presence in the form of a digital portfolio.
  • To encourage independent learning, investigation and experimentation.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Present design work in a unique style.
  • Write a targeted CV.
  • Design a personal business card.
  • Know how to design and implement a promotional website using web standards.

Indicative Content:

  • Project based computer workshops
  • Design workshops