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establishing your online profile

drawing by and photo of kevin cornell

image info: drawings by & photo of Kevin Cornell ©

With your personal brand design in hand - it's time to introduce yourself online, to show a professional profile.

Consider how you would like to present yourself online, how you will establish a strong online presence to promote yourself and show your work. Let's have a look at a personal favourite of mine, designer and illustrator Kevin Cornell.

Kevin Cornell online

!! reminder

project ① ~ submissions, please ;)

personal brand design project deadline today:

↑ upload your final design

↓ submit link to your prevue page

coding & apps

To get us started quicker with today's coding - here is a sample folder, containing both the prep and the site folder, ready to use ;)
↓ download 'default-project' folder

PC/Mac versions available: visit gedit website to download the latest version.

Mac only: download TacoHTML (old) or visit the Taco website for the latest version.

the box model

Time to tackle the famous box model. The box model is the layout principle applied for page layout on the web. Even though it is a very logical and straight forward concept - it can be difficult to master; so take some time to read up on a few articles and practise. You'll soon start making sense of it :)

To illustrate the box model for visual reference - here are 2 diagrams to clarify (note: click the images for a larger view):

2D diagram via webeyedea

by Jon Hicks3D diagram © Jon Hicks

useful reading: box model

positioning: CSS float property

As soon as you are taming your content - you will want to control the position of your "boxes". Read the following tutorials and articles as recap and dive in deeper ;)

useful reading: CSS float property

weekly task

Next week we will have the pleasure of welcoming a guest speaker, Sarah Read from GET (Guidance & Employability Team). Sarah will talk about writing a professional CV and presenting a successful creative portfolio, getting you ready for the big world of possibilities :)

Your task is to bring in your CV for review and analysis, according to the points made during the talk. You should take the opportunity to write a fresh version, up to date and carefully edited.

A useful link from Sarah, to help you with your CV writing:
→ Careers resources


  1. Gravatar Marcela Ramos


    Finally managed to upload my business cards into prevue.


  2. Gravatar Jaume Folch

    This is my link to Prevue.it

  3. Gravatar Rohan Sharma

    Hello Prisca!

    Just uploaded my project to Prevue, please let me know what you think. :)



  4. Gravatar prisca

    Ei – if you’d like to add your link to your designs on prevue – I’ll be happy to give you some feedback :)

    you seem to have set your project’s screenshots to private so I cannot comment on your prevue page, sorry.

    I managed to download your file just fine :) Thanks.

  5. Gravatar Gemma Youngman

    Hi Prisca,

    Due to my pdf for the design brand project being too large for the file upload area, I have used Dropbox in order to share the pdf. If this still fails, I have included the business card and letterhead pdf image which are featured on my Prevue space.

    Many thanks
    Gemma Youngman (Afternoon group – Web Standards).

  6. Gravatar Jean Paras


    Business card and letterhead

  7. Gravatar Anthony Peacock


    Business Card and Letterhead submission

  8. Gravatar Ei Su

    The link of business card and letterhead on prevue. Definitely the logo and pixilation will be fixed.

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