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portfolio planning

red door, by Christopher Payne image © Christopher Payne Photography

Time to get serious and get your portfolio site planned, designed, produced and online ;)

useful reading

portfolios: graphic designers

portfolios: 3D designers

While your next & final project will be the production of your own website from scratch - you might want to check out the following options, for use either as final site in the future or as addition to your handmade portfolio.

online options

If you know of any other good options - please do share your findings in the comments below, thanks.

weekly task

Next week is our last session before the 3 week break - so let's make sure to get a lot done :) Make notes of any topics or techniques you'd like to discuss or revisit, bring your portfolio plans if you would like input, feedback and help.
Bear in mind that I will only be able to give you hand if you are clear about your design ideas! If you come unprepared - you're on your own until our final session (24/4/2012).

It will be important to finalise your portfolio design - so prepare your ideas and concepts as drawings or digital mockups and bring those in for discussions in class. I will help you plan for the coding and final production and give you feedback on your planned setup.

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