1. move to You can choose the free options which will have hosting and its own domain (a subdomain ending in This has limits in terms of themes and plugins but might work well enough if your chosen theme is available.
    Automattic also offer additional paid-for options like domain registration and extended services, with the ability to use your own themes and plugins. Pricing is affordable and good value for money.
  2. move to own domain / own server This process will involve registering your domain name as well as purchasing a hosting package. You'll need to configure the domain name settings to link to your server and ensure that WordPress is installed.
    For more more info — check out this beginner’s guide to putting a site online ↗

the move

To move your site - consider all the different aspects that come together to present your site. This includes all of your content (text/media), the theme, the plugins as well as the settings. As your site is using the UpDraft plugin for backups already — you can now use it the generated backups for your site move.

on current site (within the VPN)

  1. log into admin > settings > UpDraft Plus Settings
    Note: if your site is not using this plugin - simply install it to prepare for the site move and run the backup manually. [admin > plugins > add new > search > install + activate]
  2. ensure full, up-to-date backup Check on your backups and make sure that the latest version reflects your current site. You might just want to run another backup manually to be safe :)
  3. download your files Under the heading 'Existing Backups' you will find the backup of the different aspects of your site: the database (your content in context to your site structure), the plugins, the themes, the uploads (all media files uploaded to your site) and others (additional settings).
    To start the process - click each button in turn. A new panel will appear with different download options. Download each of the backup files to your computer

on the new server

  1. log into the control panel of your server & install WordPress Depending on your hosting package, you might find an easy installer which will do this for you in one click. If there is no installer available, you can contact technical support (usually done within the client area's ticket system) and ask them to give you a hand.
    Do not do anything else at this point, leave this setup as done by default.
  2. install the UpDraft Plugin on the new site [admin > plugins > add new > search > install + activate]
    You will now use Updraft to upload your backup files which will import your site's complete setup. Once done, you should of course also set up the backup schedule again for the new site.
  3. upload backup files Go to admin > settings > UpDraft Plus Settings and you will find the upload function under the same heading as before: 'Existing Backups'.
  4. check & done :) Once the upload is done, your site's move is complete. All that remains for you to do is double-check the site's settings and the public site itself ~ and you're done :) | Prisca Schmarsow | eyedea studio london | 2019