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This website is home to my resources for teaching, supporting my students but not affiliated with any one institution. This page undergoes continuous updates and is to serve as an index of links to my materials. If you are one of my students and looking for something specific, please do get in touch ~ happy to help ツ

Design for web, handbook

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update 2023

This programme's materials have now been consolidated into the Design for web Handbook. The archives include links to resources, notes and galleries from 2011 - 2023.


Web Typography Made Simple.
Type Lab is an in-depth guide to using typography on the web.

Learning WordPress

WordPress websites to support workshops and sessions on both content publishing and theme building.

tools of the trade

Link list to apps favoured in design/dev teams / alternatives / open source ~ via eyesrc.org ↗ graphic/design apps • code editors • dev apps • browsers • add-ons • search engines • testing tools

text: switching software, ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives switching.software ↗ is an ongoing and brilliant project to follow! You'll find lists of alternatives to well-known software ~ well worth a look!

Ethan Marcotte
The World-Wide Work

@beep's urgent talk concerning the web as an agent of power, its potential to do harm, the changing nature of our work, and the need for hope.—@naconf

This is the brilliant talk Ethan gave at the wonderful New Adventures Conference, 23/1/2019. A strong message which resonated with me - I cannot recommend it enough! Do make the time to watch it! And check out the coverage page for more. Or read my personal notes ;)

This might be the best conference talk I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly the most important.—@adactio