digital practices

A warm welcome to my new students
Digital Practices SCS6079 ✭┬áMA Digital Media & Society

Our sessions will be back on campus with some of you joining in remotely. Details yet to be confirmed but if needed, we will aim to organise the sessions to include a hybrid delivery. This means that our sessions will be in-person but put live online (via Collaborate) for anyone not able to attend to join in remotely. More info to come in due course.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and working on your projects with you. While you will find all official material, time table and guidelines in MUSE and Blackboard - this site is the main resource website for our module.

How you will learn and work on your project

Most weeks, I will give a lecture on a specific topic. The following workshop then puts our topic into context and we will work together on your project. I would encourage you to email me to ask for my advice, feedback or my help with any issues or concerns you may have.

Over the past few years, some of my students on this module have commented on the fact that they did not think it right to ask, and that they did not expect a reply or support via email from their teachers, going by their personal experiences. Please know that I believe that the only way you'll learn is by asking questions! By being curious and experimenting, by making mistakes and by asking for help and answers when you need them. Please don't be shy, or too polite, to talk to me, I can only help if you ask me :)

Collaborate sessions

Here's a quick video to show you where to find the links to current/ongoing sessions on the day, and how to watch the recordings afterwards.

gallery of student work

Each year I have the pleasure of viewing many wonderful websites from the Digital Practices students. There are too many to showcase - but each year, I add to my collection of my personal favourites.
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