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peace sign in Ukrainian colours, blue + yellow

crit#3: Firmness

notes from David (repeated), posted to #webbies21-22 channel on slack.

  1. Each of you will have a 10 minute slot - that's not a lot of time, so you will have to make sure you are able to use the time well. We recommend a 7-8 minute presentation followed by 2-3 minutes of questions. Times will be strictly observed so it is fair for everyone and so we finish on time.
  2. Your presentation slides must be available online so that the day can run efficiently. Please send the PDF of your presentation to Prisca who will update this page's links accordingly. Obviously you can continue to develop your presentation after that, but it means we have time to compile a list to make it easier for everyone on the day. Your presentation can be any reasonable format (.PPTX, .PDF, link to Prezi etc.)
  3. As you are all designers, we expect your presentation slides to reflect the nascent branding of your project. Avoid the use of slide templates. Don't forget Prisca's tips on presenting your ideas.
  4. If you're not sure what you need to include in your presentation, please read the Major Project - Assessed Elements page, and Prisca's Guide notes for the major project.

Links to presentation slides

Links may lead to placeholders or errors temporarily. All to be finalised for presentations on 02/03/22.