MA Web Design + Content Planning materials for applied art for the web • major project

peace sign in Ukrainian colours, blue + yellow

Create a moodboard

Let's start thinking about what your profile pages (or your new homepages) might look like once you've learnt how to apply some styling via colour, type and space. While you might not have any ideas just yet, start thinking about what kind of atmosphere and mood your page might have.

BeFunky provide an all-in-one online creative platform as a paid-for service and offer the use of their tools with some limitations for free. We can use their Collage Maker to create our moodboard and save the final image as jpg/png/pdf.
(Just make sure not to close the webpage as you might lose your inputs.)

To show you an example, here is a retrospective moodboard for the colour schemes on our main sites, see PDF for high quality version.

moodboard showing rust, sand and slate colours

Moodboard collection

listed in alphabetical order by first name