digital practices

Digital Practices: website info

For this module, your project is to create your own website. The university will host your site for you and it be accessible on campus and via the VPN (more info on CICS) only. This setup will allow you to work on your website on an ongoing basis, safe in the knowledge that the general public will not have access. If you have any problems with the VPN setup, please get in touch with the IT Services or pop into the Information Commons.

Your web address / URL

All our sites have a similar URL - with the last 1/2 digits being unique to your site only (shown below in white). This URL is the link to the public view of your website, accessible only via the VPN.
http://ma-dms.sheffield.ac.uk/digp2023# wordpress with pen view site list [PDF]

!!! please note !

If you are getting an error when viewing your site, then you're likely using the wrong web address/URL!
Do copy and paste the above — but make sure to edit the link — the last 2 digits, i.e. replace the hash symbols, with your numbers! Or simply use the links in the PDF of the site list :) easy :)

WordPress admin

To work on your website, you will have to log into the admin interface of the website using your username and password. You username is your first name, as listed in the site list PDF. If your forename has 2 parts, the first part only is your username.
The link to the admin is comprised of your webaddress, followed by /login:
http://ma-dms.sheffield.ac.uk/digp2023#/login wordpress with pen

WordPress admin password

default admin password: -(DigP*23)-

- [dash] + ( [round bracket, left] +
D (uppercase) + i (lowercase) + g (lowercase) + P (uppercase) + * [asterix] + 23 [twentythree]
) [round bracket, right] + - [dash]

Use the default password for your first login into the WordPress admin interface. At this point, you can choose to change the password ~ just make sure to make note of it somewhere safe.

please note
Due to the server set up the email function does not work reliably. In case you have to reset your password, please email me instead and I'll get this sorted for you :)

admin users

Once you're logged in, you will find 2 users: a default administrator user (with the email elmfieldit@sheffield.ac.uk) and yourself, both set as 'Administrator'. This means both users have full control over the site's settings and all content. The other' user was set up by Daniel who installed your sites, then passed the details onto me to set up your user. You must leave both users in place!
Please do not delete this user.
This is how I created your user account ~ how I can help you reset your password ~ how I will be able to help you with settings and troubleshoot issues in case things go wrong with your site ~ and how will do my assessment of your work in the end.


In order to view your site, or to access your site's admin - you will have to be connected to the university's VPN. Please read the instructions on how to get set up.
If you cannot get this to work as it should - please do email the IT helpdesk who will be able to help.

WP logins
As mentioned, if you have to reset your password, please email me and I'll get this done for you :) circles over map