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box of photos with camera FEB 17th 2023 WEEK 2
  1. digital photography
  2. video series
  3. activities for practice

workshop details

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The Creative Media Team will deliver their workshops in the Diamond building.

workshop, group 1
9:00-10:30 BST 4.21, The Diamond
(Large Edit Suite)
workshop, group 2
10:30-12:00 BST 4.21, The Diamond
(Large Edit Suite)
workshop, group 3
12:00-13:30 BST 4.21, The Diamond
(Large Edit Suite)
workshop, group 3
15:00-16:30 BST 4.21, The Diamond
(Large Edit Suite)

screenshot of workshop pageThis session is brought to you by the university's own Creative Media team. This week's topic is digital photography and image manipulation. Have a look at the tutorials and make sure to check out the playlist

independent learning

The Creative Media sessions are hands-on workshops and are supported by the resources which you will find the material in Blackboard, listed under Creative Media Resources. Please work through the videos and tasks to practice and you are welcome to email the team with questions and queries, details can be found on their website.

Don't forget to check the practice prompts and project work for specific tasks you can do towards your project.

After watching the tutorials on composition and lighting, take some time to experiment with taking photographs with whichever equipment you have at hand. This could be a DSLR camera or the camera of your mobile phone. The important task is to understand how to light and frame your photos well.

to-do list

  1. practice :)
    take a few photos and experiment with light, focus and angle.
  2. edit your photos
    using any photo editing app, have a look at available settings and explore the editing tools.

To hone your image editing skills, have a look at the following tutorials and try out some of the online editors.


icon of image cropping

online editors

to-do list

  1. experiment with ideas for visuals
    considering your brief's topic, take some fitting photographs - think about content as well as backgrounds.
  2. editing / cropping / saving for web
    select one or two of your photographs and work on editing the image, cropping it to different sizes for better composition and figure out how to best save images for use on your site.

PROJECT PROGRESS experiments with visual media

please note:
For your project work, bear in mind that the tool itself matters less than the end result you are able to produce. If you are already using an image editing app, feel free to work with that instead. If you'd like to try out other options, the list of editors will offer alternatives ~ some of which are easier to work with for the novice :).