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beautiful codepoints


There was a lot of talk about punctuation marks, specifically quotes, accents and dashes. Jessica Hische announced her little guide “Quotes & Accents” and amongst the links was this lovely site “codepoints”, retweeted by @markboulton, created by @m_strehl. Definitely worth a look - beautifully put together and excellent references ;)

Finding Characters
It’s hard to find one certain character in over 110,000 codepoints. This site aims to make it as easy as possible […]

This website is a private project of Manuel Strehl.

A List Apart 5.0

A new design for one of our favourite online publicattions :)
What a transformation – a new design with a fresh approach, make sure to read Jeffrey’s article for an insight into the thinking behind the redesign and to find out what’s new for ALA.

A List Apart 5.0
Jeffrey Zeldman:

A design that departs from our past and a platform on which to build the future. Welcome to the relaunch of A List Apart, for people who make websites.

illustration by Kevin Cornell image © Kevin Cornell 2013

Guardian tells story of American election

America: Elect! The action-packed journey to US election day in graphic novel form post on guardian

Following a tweet from @cole007 - I was very impressed with this page on The Guardian's website. Though I like this scrolling effect, I have to admit that I have grown tired of it as it is often used in a similar manner, quite predictable. However, when used for story telling as in this case - I do think it works very well :)
What do you think?

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