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Typesetting literature

Nika Turbina, Iana Khomenko

Nika Turbina
Iana Khomenko

Exquisite Pain, Jon Cheesman

"Exquisite Pain"
John Cheesman

The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Vladislav Altanov

"The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy"
Vladislav Altanov

Somebody that I used to know, Yiannis Gaitanos

"Somebody that I used to know"
Yiannis Gaitanos

Tecnicolor, Bruno Falabella

Bruno Falabella

Chet Baker, Papichaya Kraivichien

The Best of Chet Baker
Papichaya Kraivichien

The Terminal, Gary Pigott

The Terminal
Gary Pigott

Kane & Abel, Richard Amoah

"Kane & Abel"
Richard Amoah

The Rocky Horror Picture, Claudio Fara

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Claudio Fara

1984, Jim Dickins

Jim Dickins

Dr. Shariati, Negar Haghighi

Dr. Shariati
Negar Haghighi

Frank Chimero, Sara Quintino

Frank Chimero
Sara Quintino

Sherlock Homes, Yaroslav Salmin

SHerlock Holmes
Yaroslav Salmin

If, Matine Chabrier

Matine Chabrier

Three Chefs, Priscilla Walkington

Three Chefs
Priscilla Walkington

The Little Prince, Yannis Drandakis

"The Little Prince"
Yannis Drandakis

Who moved me cheese?, Uzoma Agha

"Who moved me cheese?"
Uzoma Agha

Hamlet, George Nicolaou

George Nicolaou

Blackaddeer, Jaana Merilepp

Jaana Merilepp

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Laura Hampson

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
Laura Hampson

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film promotion project

Jim Dickins: The Shawshank Redemption

"The Shawshank Redemption"
Jim Dickins

Yannis Drandakis: "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"

"One flew over the cuckoo's nest"
Yannis Drandakis

Yiannis Gaitanos: "The A-Team"

"The A-Team"
Yiannis Gaitanos

Sara Quintino: "Big Fish"

"Big Fish"
Sara Quintino

Tom Jeatt: "Silent Running"

"Silent Running"
Tom Jeatt

Giorgos Nicolaou: "Brazil"

Giorgos Nicolaou

John Cheeseman: "My Winnipeg"

"My Winnipeg"
John Cheeseman

Matine Chabrier: "Leon"

Matine Chabrier

Laura Hampson: "Metropolis"

Laura Hampson

Negar Haghighi: "Breaking Dawn"

"Breaking Dawn"
Negar Haghighi

Uzoma Agha: "The Incredible Hulk"

"The Incredible Hulk"
Uzoma Agha

Jaana Merilepp: "War of Horrors"

"War of Horrors"
Jaana Merilepp

Bruno Falabella: "Rear Window"

"Rear Window"
Bruno Falabella

Priscilla Walkington: "Tintin"

Priscilla Walkington

Gary Pigott: "Reservoir Dogs"

"Reservoir Dogs"
Gary Pigott

Papichaya Kraivichien: "500 Days of Summer"

"500 Days of Summer"
Papichaya Kraivichien

Richard Amoah: "The Lord of the Rings"

"The Lord of the Rings"
Richard Amoah

Claudio Faro: "Whatever happened to Baby jane?"

"Whatever happened to Baby Jane?"
Claudio Faro

Yaroslav Salmin: "House"

Yaroslav Salmin

Iana Khomenko: "99 francs"

"99 francs"
Iana Khomenko

"Pirates of the Caribbean"
Vladislav Altanov

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