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year 2011/12

Talk Web Design

Everyone Ever in the World, Peter Crnokrak image info: Everyone Ever in the WorldPeter Crnokrak

As wonderful start to the year - David has organised a speakers' day on the 11th January 2012, presenting bright minds of our industry who will give talks and answer questions on various topics. This is bound to be a day of learning, inspiration and offer food for thought :)

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the art of web design critique

© Kevin Conrell, bearskinrug.co.uk

image credit: © Kevin Cornell 2011

One of the most inspiring as well as at times frustrating experiences when working on the web is the aspect of feedback and design criticism. When done well – this process will inspire and result in improved designs. When gone wrong – the feelings of individuals can get hurt, arguments arise and the end result will be less productive.
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2 links worth a look :)

Hello everyone :)

looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you on your design skills. As I won’t see you for a few weeks, I thought I should give you a few links to check out in the meantime.

Any designer thrives on collecting inspiration from any source, in any environment. Whether collecting interesting snippets in a scrapbook, taking photographs, bookmarking pages online – an ever growing assembly of inspiration can help new ideas to blossom and get us out of creative blocks.

When it comes to inspiration found online – there is new service in beta at the moment: GIMMEBAR :)

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