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designing for UX & accessibility

Abandoned Amusement Parks on fubiz.net

As web workers, be that designers or developers, it is our job to create not only engaging user experiences but also to ensure an all inclusive design and setup. Making sure our content is presented in the most accessible and easy way will liberate our user to use the web freely and without hinderance, a benefit to all.

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icon design

Icons are the small little details with such high importance that they deserve as much TLC as the rest of your design. If you search for icon sets online, you will find an ever growing number of beautiful sets to choose from. However, it will be worth your while to at least explore icon design, if not learn the craft in depth.

Icon design is challenging but fun ~ so take some time to dive into it and you’ll soon have beautiful icons making your site designs shine ;)

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colour scheme design

How do you create your colour schemes? Where do you start?
Do you find this an easy aspect to design? Or do you struggle to get started?

Let’s talk about colours schemes ~ and possible methods to starting with their design.

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WordPress • theme design

WordPress… how I love you
I’m really looking forward to taking you all through the theme design today ~ let’s see how beautiful your blogs will become once you start creating your own themes :)

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interfaces to delight your users

inside a lock with key
image info: “how keys work”, via tweet from @Cennydd

How do you design an interface which is not only easy to use, works well across all screens and is aesthetically appealing as well?
Like a key to open a lock, your UI needs to give access to the content without bothering the user with the complexities which might lie beneath :)

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graphic design principles I

old symmetry in York
old symmetry in York (© 2014)

Hope you had a lovely holiday, and that you’re rested and recharged, ready for more :)
Let’s take a look at some established as well as popular graphic design principles and their possible inspiration for design for the web. While working on your next mini project, start your initial design process by considering how some of these established concepts might contribute to your design.

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