a look at design for the web & all it entails

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main project deadlines

  • project ① : 22/1/2015
  • project ② : 2/4/2015

design project ①

⌖ Typesetting literature


Choosing a suitable piece of literature – focus on presenting the text in a suitable typeface, creating a colour scheme which both aids legibility as well as underpins the context of your chosen piece.
Restriction: use of images is not permitted.

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design project ②

⌖ Film Promotion


Selecting a film of your choice ~ create promotional web campaign to announce the opening of the first showing and present the required information.

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⌖ course work


Additional projects will be set throughout the course, varying in focus, concept and duration. Included in this mark will be participation in class, on the online platforms and active involvement in discussions.

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