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image: metal couture by Manuel Albarran

With your thesis project taking shape - it's time to talk about the role of design in successful branding. Lets take a look at some successful brands so you can make your project shine :)

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guidelines: brand / style

useful links & reading

Old Spice - viral video

This is a personal favourite of mine - had to include it here as an example of an effective viral campaign.

➣ Old Spice ~ videos


  1. prisca

    Tom :)
    very glad you’re feeling inspired ~ hoped this session might help with that :)
    looking at some well designed style guides is really useful and can guide your thinking ~ have fun designing your brand :)

  2. Tom

    Thanks for this Prisca. I’m going back to the drawing board with the visual design of my thesis project, and this is a much better starting point than staring vacantly at a blank piece of paper.