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grids galore ;)


image credit: found via Frank Chimero on Gimmebar

Today will be a session of grids - for you to share your finding and time for us to discuss how useful you think you will find the design approach via grid systems.

links to your essays

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adopting grids

There is always lots of discussion on the value of using grids or the golden section for web design - opinions vary and are interesting to contemplate - curious to hear what http://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ conclusions you've come to during your work on the essay :)
And in case you did not see it - there was an interesting albeit brief discussion between @jasonsantamaria and @markboulton on Twitter a while ago. Mark mentioned topics he was in the progress of writing about for his new book, Jason commented and a conversation ensued, captured here on the design blog:
design discussion in 140 characters

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