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interface design

loop of hands turning pages of book made from black paper image info: "Tryin’ hard for out from the blacksss.." by Uchy Said

How interfaces should work :)
Looking at the clip above - don't you wish it was that easy and straight forward ;)
This is what our aim should be for interface design: intuitively easy to use, without much effort at all. As the user - you should always feel confident, understanding the interface and content structure with ease. Our job is to design for our users, to offer the functions in such a manner that they are a joy to use.

↓ download slides as PDF (includes notes)

case study links

useful reading and inspiration

Bauhaus ideology and the future of web design

No slide deck is complete without the talk - but there is still so much good stuff here - thanks, @colly :)

a few more links to inspire you :)

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