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How can we create a good user experience for our users which makes them not only easily access our content but also enjoy doing so?
If you think of printed media and its beautiful tactile aspect - consider this experience where the material itself adds to the feeling of reading. What can we do in our purely digital media to enhance the UX of our sites or apps?

your UX feedback, please :)

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Tho learn about UX and improve your own methods it is useful not only to observe others but also to take note of your own reactions to websites, interfaces and designs. By making yourself aware what contributes to your perception - you can begin new projects with a fresh angle.

As our time together on the MA is coming to an end - David and I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on the sites you've been using for the course. Download this PDF and discuss the points menitoned.

Data by itself is not enough, data needs poetry

Brendan Dawes at TEDxUtrecht

interesting sites

From Print to iPad: Designing a Reading Experience

Harry Brignull at UX London 2012, make sure to read the blog post with the transcript of the talk.

Dark Patterns: User Interfaces Designed to Trick People (Presented at UX Brighton 2010)

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