a look at design for the web & all it entails

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graphic design principles II

tattoo tattoo illusion, Urban

And another few principles for you to ponder over and work with. Do have a look at the sites mentioned in the slides.

site references:

This year will see a new site for TalkWebDesign and as this is a conference for students, you are the target audience ~ and we'd really appreciate your input :)

yet to be done:
text from David (tickets/about), contact form, links to Lanyrd, Twitter, slides (where available), styling for venue page + final layout edits and browser fixes (lt IE8).

Give feedback and suggestions for alternative solutions to possible issues in the comments below.
All thoughts and opinions welcome and appreciated :)
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points for discussion:

  1. split interface
    to follow the approach many conference websites take with a clear focus on the main information alone - the design features a split menu:
    1- primary menu (header) for event info
    2- secondary menu (footer) for extras
  2. partial support for CSS clipping masks
    to break way from the standard presentation of speaker photos in circles or squares - the shape of the images is altered by using the logo element as slipping mask. Photos are of different dimensions which results in similar shapes yet different sizes and displays for each image. This will only work in -webkit- browsers, leaving Firefox and IE as the main popular browsers which will instead show the images unclipped.
  3. homepage
    what would you suggest for the homepage: what content should feature?
  4. feedback & thoughts
    any other thoughts? any errors or mistakes? anything else you'd like to contribute?

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