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interfaces to delight your users

inside a lock with key
image info: “how keys work”, via tweet from @Cennydd

How do you design an interface which is not only easy to use, works well across all screens and is aesthetically appealing as well?
Like a key to open a lock, your UI needs to give access to the content without bothering the user with the complexities which might lie beneath :)

case study links

prevue UI task icon
Take a look at the interface of prevue.it – a lovely free
concept sharing app by @buzzusborne. Sign up for an account and take a moment study the interface. Sketch out a few alternatives to the current UI in your team to share with the class for feedback.

useful reading and inspiration

Robbie Manson: The Mindful Designer from New Adventures on Vimeo.

New Adventures, 19th January 2012
We face a challenge: to ensure our design responses are informed more by our thinking than the tools we use. Absorbed by day-to-day execution, we can forget the importance of mistakes and accidents — of balancing intent with experimentation. Failure is valuable, provided we're mindful of why. Embrace the unpredictable nature of everything, and stay mindful. It's how we lace our actions with meaning.
Cover photo: Rick Nunn.
Slides: http://bit.ly/robbie-slides

interface redesign

Complete today’s task, either in your groups or individually (up to you) – and prepare to give a short talk in our next session – 12th March.

The focus is entirely on the interface here. Use this task to explore sketching ideas of interaction and drawing wireframes. Your presentation of the new idea can be done in any way you choose – as long as you can bring across your concept clearly.


  1. work on a new interface for the the prevue.it website.
  2. make notes of the user journey through sign-up / login to the use of the uploads.
  3. present your new concept.

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