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⌖ course work


Additional projects will be set throughout the course, varying in focus, concept and duration. Included in this mark will be participation in class, on the online platforms and active involvement in discussions.

project briefs

Projects will be set as independent tasks, to be worked on outside of course hours and presented online for review and critique. Links need to be posted on this website, as instructed in the relevant post. Specifics of each brief can be found at the bottom of the session post linked.
The list below will be updated as each project commences.

⌖ mini project #1 : profile page design

The aim of this project is to create a professional profile page for yourself, a single page design. Selecting any information you find suitable, create a design which will present your chosen information in a clear and meaningful manner.

submission dates:
part #1: content & design mockup : 16/10/2013
part #2: page coded : 23/10/2013
part #3: colour scheme & visuals : 29/10/2013
part #4: typography : 6/11/2013
deliverable: via link and file submission
final deadline: 6/11/2013

⌖ mini project #2 : applied grids

This project gives you the chance to get your hands dirty by trying out grids on a single page. The final result does not need to a perfect use of a grid, of course but should show your approach to the layout guided by a grid.

see bottom of post for brief: grids in webdesign
deliverable: via link
deadline: 13/11/2013

⌖ mini project #3 : patterns & sprites

Expand on the CTA sprite rollover concept by either experimenting with the demo to add more sprite rollovers, or incorporate a sprite into your profile page. Experiment with patterns and textures to enhance page elements.

see bottom of post for brief: Illustrator core skills
deliverable: via link and file submission
deadline: 27/11/2013

⌖ mini project #4 : adaptive layout

This is one typical interview/application task to test your skills. Given the mockups of a page design, including different layouts according to screen size - produce the CSS to present the content accordingly, working your way up from the smallest to the largest layout.

see bottom of post for brief: Adaptive design planning
deliverable: via link and file submission
deadline: 4/12/2013

⌖ mini project #5 : branded icon interface

The aim of this project is to experiment with an icon-based interface. The focus should be on 3 icons which will lead to 3 different site sections and apply distinct branding.

see bottom of post for brief: icons & SVG + brand design
deliverable: via link
deadline: 12/2/2014

⌖ mini project #6 : colour practise

Selecting a quote and using a set piece of fine art as inspiration – create a single page design. The goal is an entirely visual focus ~ emphasizing the message, expressing it through colour, line and form.

see bottom of post for brief: colour, mood & accessibility
deliverable: via link and file submission
deadline: 12/3/2014

⌖ mini project #7 : book promotion

Choosing a web design related book, work with graphic design principles to create an informative and effective single page design.

see post for brief download: graphic design principles I
deliverable: via link and file submission
deadline: 19/3/2014


  1. prisca

    the details for the course work projects will be tied into each session’s post. You will find this info at the very bottom of the post each week.

    To make it easier – I’ve just updated the text above – will update this with new links as required. Hope this helps?

  2. Milad

    I just want to know what’s the task for this week. As you mentioned in the class and here, this project is a step by step coursework which spans over 4 weeks. Is the task for this week just gathering information and sketch out our ideas or something more?