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all the best :)


Wishing you all a brilliant, creative and productive summer with lots of inspiration! Can’t wait to see your final masterpieces in autumn :)
Here are a few photos of our time together, quality varies but this is all about memories :)

[AFG_gallery id=’1′]

And if you need to flex your design and coding muscles before getting started on building your thesis projects – why not contribute a design to the amazing CSS Zengarden, now 10 years old :-)
CSS Zengarden

Talk Web Design


This is just a post for the day – to say huge thank you to David and all our wonderful speakers. Here is the schedule of the fabulous day which awaits us.
I am really looking forward to this—to be a student learning from our experts and to be inspired ;)

David, thank you for organising this event, for your time and effort to keep us all learning :)

To our speakers: thank you so much for your time, for coming all this way and for sharing your thoughts, insights and expertise, very much appreciated.

happy holidays :)


happy new year 2013

A little card to wish you all a wonderful holiday :-)
Please note: this is ideally viewed in a webkit browser for full effect :)