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A List Apart 5.0

A new design for one of our favourite online publicattions :)
What a transformation – a new design with a fresh approach, make sure to read Jeffrey’s article for an insight into the thinking behind the redesign and to find out what’s new for ALA.

A List Apart 5.0
Jeffrey Zeldman:

A design that departs from our past and a platform on which to build the future. Welcome to the relaunch of A List Apart, for people who make websites.

illustration by Kevin Cornell image © Kevin Cornell 2013

The Boston Globe

Boston Globe screenshot
With the announcement of their new pay-walled site The Boston Globe has launched a new design for their site. Worked on by a team of talents, the new design is beautiful: clearly laid out, beautifully set and responsive. Have a look yourself and make sure to resize your browser window to see the wonderful reflow and reshaping of content.

Ethan Marcotte writes: