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Long Exposure Shots of Australian Star Trails, by Lincoln Harrison
image credit: Long Exposure Shots of Australian Star Trails, by Lincoln Harrison

As your time at uni almost over ~ it’s time to get ready for work, ready to present yourself and your work and get that job you’ve been dreaming about ;) Let’s talk about your work, portfolio and consider your career goals.

links for inspiration:

Here is a slide deck which despite the lack of talk still makes sense and might give you a few more aspects to consider :)

How Not to be a Freelancer

by Richard Powell


web standards – why and how

Your final project will be to setup an online portfolio and ideally, you will consider web standards and aspects such as accessibility while you design your new online presence.

useful reading:

And finally, for a quick recap and some tips – a brief overview of working techniques in Photoshop,
on the example of a single page design for a professional online profile page :)


? weekly task

Next week will be a “show & tell”, an informal session for you to show off your creative talent. You will be presenting your selected final work and get feedback from the group.

Consider your portfolio website – and select from your collected work, choosing only the most successful pieces. Organise and edit your files for easy viewing in class. You each only get 3 minutes to summarise – so get your elevator pitch ready.

Curious to get a glimpse into your work ;)

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