course notes 2015/16


Dec 16th 2015

make a splash.

In these days of social media – having a strong brand is only the basis of a successful presence within the market. While there’s more competition, there are also more channels, more ways to engage with people and entice them to become loyal supporters. The web and social media make it easier than ever to make a splash :)

branding & design

guidelines: brand / style

useful links & reading

brand design across media

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Create your own styleguide :)
Search for a few examples and discuss aspects of a successful styleguide for a typical project. Bear in mind that to be complete, this will need to cover all aspects, not just the design of visual elements, but the design of the overall image.

I would recommend to start your own, from scratch. Each project is likely to require its own approach and having your own custom vanilla version will be more efficient and productive. Here are a few useful links for the webbies, to play and explore :)


  1. Peter Sas

    Dec 16th 2015

    Shell’s brand development is interesting. You’d think that a shell has nothing to do with oil but check out their history. Then see how they, over the years, drop the word ‘Shell’ and now just use the image.

    Then compare this with what BP has done and the brand journey they are on. They now have an iconic image (flower) and the letters ‘bp’ have become lower case and secondary – perhaps they’re planning to drop it completely.

    The whole world of oil/petrol company logos and brands is worth a detailed study in itself.

  2. prisca

    Dec 18th 2015

    Thanks, Peter ~ yes, indeed, another great story.