course notes 2015/16

adaptive design planning

Nov 18th 2015

loop by Cento Lodigiani ©
animated gif © Cento Lodigiani

Today, we can no longer design any site without considering carefully the many different devices and screensizes affecting layout and presentation. A good responsive design will allow the content to adapt to the viewport, be that a computer or TV, and mobile. Ethan Marcotte It is now over five years ago that the wonderful Ethan➢ continue reading

layout design

Nov 11th 2015

featured photo by Rain Noe, lines & shapes added to original, © Rain Noe, core77

While you are learning more about positioning – your next challenge will be to design effective layouts which present all content well. There are many different approaches and one prevailing and well established method is of course the use of grids. A lot has been written and discussed about grids in design, from historic examples,➢ continue reading

typography for the web

Oct 28th 2015

illustrated word
graphic from original post

Oliver Reichenstein famously wrote: Web Design is 95% Typography. (read original article) Though this is a bold statement which you might, or might not, agree with – there is no doubt that carefully crafted typography will not only ensure good legibility of text and therefore accessibility but also greatly enhance the design and impact of➢ continue reading

bitmap images for the web

Oct 21st 2015

illustration from design example

With your beautiful profile designs in hand – let’s take a look at preparing and saving your images for the web. Whether you create all of your own visuals, or work with source files, you’ll need to consider the final implementation of these visuals within your design. Without preparation and optimisation, these additions will make➢ continue reading

bitmap images – core skills

Oct 14th 2015

Looking forward to hearing all about your current working techniques and discuss good working practices for visual element creation with you ;) This presentation is intended to summarise various aspects of a typical workflow, covering a lot of details. It is intended as reference for you – whether you are entirely new to design and➢ continue reading

people of the web.

Sep 30th 2015


Happiness is connecting ~ with people of the web ;) A very brief introduction to only some of the brilliant people working on the web, influencing its development and helping us all along. There are many more we will introduce you to over the coming months. Please feel free to download the original PDF with➢ continue reading

online editors & browser add-ons

Sep 24th 2015


In addition to the tools already mentioned – there are a whole lot more to give you a helping hand ;) There will be a few more additional bits which we will talk about in class ~ for now, a few to get started with.

tools of the trade

Sep 24th 2015


Whether you are an experienced designer already or just starting ~ you’ll need the right tools for the job :) So here’s a quick look at a few options:

collecting inspiration

Sep 24th 2015

collecting inspiration

Hello everyone ;) looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you on your design skills. To start off with, I thought I should get you started by looking at 2 online bookmarking tools :) As designers we thrive on collecting inspiration from any source, in any environment. It help us to remain➢ continue reading