course notes 2016/17

typography for the web

Oct 19th 2016

illustrated word

Oliver Reichenstein famously wrote: Web Design is 95% Typography.  (read original article) Though this is a bold statement which you might, or might not, agree with – there is no doubt that carefully crafted typography will not only ensure good legibility of text and therefore accessibility but also greatly enhance the design and impact of➢ continue reading

tools of the trade

Sep 22nd 2016


Whether you are an experienced designer already or just starting ~ you’ll need the right tools for the job :) So here’s a quick look at a few options:

online editors & browser add-ons

Sep 21st 2016


In addition to the tools already mentioned – there are a whole lot more to give you a helping hand ;) There will be a few more additional bits which we will talk about in class ~ for now, a few to get started with. online code editors Instead of coding via a standalone app➢ continue reading

introductions :)

Sep 21st 2016


Hello everyone :) and welcome to the start of your year on the MA :) Looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you on your design skills. One of our favourite aspects of the web is the sense of community and sharing. We’re hoping that we will form an excellent web team together. While➢ continue reading