course notes 2019/20

type with terms

Typography for the Web

Oct 16th 2019

Oliver Reichenstein famously wrote: Web Design is 95% Typography. Though this is a bold statement which you might, or might not, agree with – there is no doubt that carefully crafted typography will not only ensure good legibility of text and therefore accessibility but also greatly enhance the design and impact of any given website.➢ continue reading

Principles of graphic design

Oct 9th 2019

Design is a fluid process, something that will change with each project, each challenge. Intuition is often a good starting point. Following the well-trodden paths which are influenced by long standing principles is another. Let’s take a look at some established as well as popular graphic design principles and their possible inspiration for design for➢ continue reading


Sep 24th 2019

Happiness is connecting ~ with people of the web ;)One of my favourite aspects of working on the web is the amazing community, the sharing spirit that prevails. Get to know your webbies and learn from them, meet them and join in — you’ll be inspired :)


Sep 16th 2019

Hello everyone :) and welcome to the start of your year on the MA :) Looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you on your design skills. One of our favourite aspects of the web is the sense of community and sharing. We hope that we will form an excellent web team➢ continue reading

shape fo design

The Shape of Design

Sep 16th 2019

Hello everyone ;) looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you on your design skills. In case you come across this page before our first session and if you’re keen to get started – here’s an excellent bit of reading by Frank Chimero, highly recommended: The Shape of Design is less of➢ continue reading