course notes 2019/20

delight crit

Mar 31st 2020

Hello everyone,
as we’re not going to be able to get together for this crit this year, we’ll have to do things differently ~ via Jitsi again, which you can also use to record your presentations :)

Recording your presentation

In case you cannot be online for our crit session this afternoon, record your presentation and share it with us for feedback. A quick flyby demo on how to do this with Jitsi to help you along.

PLEASE NOTE: this is one of my flyby videos – super-quick demos (without audio) – intended to be paused as needed (hit SPACE bar or use controls).

The fairly quick speed combined with a lack of audio, replaced by text only, is done intentionally for the sake of accessiblity and file load. To view, you are meant to pause the playback to take a closer look at screens or to read text.

Tips for live online presentations

as speaker

  • share your screen + enable camera so we can see your face
  • add any relevant links into the text chat for easy access for all
    (before/during/after talk, if at all)
  • talk to your audience as best as you can by looking at the camera

as audience

  • upon start of presentation, switch off your mic temporarily,
    this is to avoid background sounds coming through and distracting the speaker
  • enable your video camera so the speaker can see your face
  • to comment/ask questions after the presentation, speak up (remember to enable your mic again), or use the ‘raised hand’ button (bottom left of screen) to indicate you want to talk

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