projects 2015/16

film promotion

Sep 7th 2015

project brief

As part of the publicity team for a new release, your job is to promote your chosen film by designing a promotional website, with the optional addition of a poster, to draw people away from their home screens and back into the cinema to enjoy the big screen. Use this project as a way to make a statement – either to bring back memories (for film classics or an older audience) or to generate curiosity (for newer or alternative films).

OPTION: If you are not a film buff, you could choose to promote the pilot for a TV series instead. Please do confirm with me beforehand.

Take your chosen film and use its story, mood and genre for inspiration. Working on original and unusual approaches to page layout, create a visually engaging design that catches the attention of the audience and expresses the emotion of the film. Focus on the experience the film will provide the audience. Represent this through your choices of colour, typeface and layout, with a particular focus on using visual balance to express emotion.

If you choose to design the poster as well, ensure that the print design and the opening page of the promotional website are complementary to each other and to their respective media.


The website must contain:

  • Opening page
    this is for the film itself and must include:

    • Film title
    • Director
    • Producers
    • Actors
    • Date and time of opening
  • Info page
    this is for the showtime information and must include:

    • Times the film is showing
    • Cinema details, including location
  • Supplementary page
    this is for any optional information of your choice, for example:

    • The film
    • The story
    • Reviews
    • Recognition
    • Genre

submission requirements

You are required to submit all working files for the final design, 
including visuals, drafts and plans.
The website must be online and viewable by the deadline.


Marks for this project will be awarded in a 60/40 ratio for visual design and technical accomplishment. Your work will be examined for appropriate implementation of colour, type and aesthetic design as well as implementation.

Your mark will depend on the success of the visual impact of the final design, taking into particular consideration the concept, visual balance and expression and interpretation of the subject matter.

This essay represents 50% of your total course mark.



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