course notes 2016/17

Principles of graphic design

Oct 19th 2016

heather hansen, emptied gestures

Design is a fluid process, something that will change with each project, each challenge. Intuition if often a good starting point. Following the well-trodden paths which are influenced by long standing principles is another.

Let’s take a look at some established as well as popular graphic design principles and their possible inspiration for design for the web. While working on your first mini project, start your initial design process by considering how some of these established concepts might contribute to your design.

PLEASE NOTE: some of the examples shown in the slides have since been updated, or no longer exist. I’m keeping the references as this now allows us to compare their current to their new design, or recognise the relatively temporary nature of some websites.

design principles I

site references I

design principles II

site references II

profile page design

mini project – part #2

With your content confirmed, work on ideas for an engaging layout.

to-do list

  1. work with your given content to plan for effect presentation
  2. sketch out your ideas in your sketchbook, experiment/iterate/refine
  3. produce a digital mockup of your design (black/white only)
  4. post a link to your mockup in the comments below
  5. give feedback to each other ;)

We will have a look at your mockups together in our next session (26/10) and discuss your ideas before the final 2 parts :)

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