course notes 2018/19

images for the web

Oct 31st 2018

With your beautiful profile designs in hand – let’s take a look at preparing and saving your images for the web. Whether you create all of your own visuals, or work with source files, you’ll need to consider the final implementation of these visuals within your design. Without preparation and optimisation, these additions will make your page very heavy and slow loading.

working with background images

A look at the planning and preparation of the visuals for the tutorial “Get to grips with CSS3 multiple background images”, written for the Net magazine’s website (now part of creative bloq).

implementing images with CSS

Let’s work through the setup of the final webpage together :)
→ read tutorial | ↓ download source images | → view final design

Don’t forget to check your page across browsers – and if in doubt, always check ↗ for detailed and up-to-date information on browser support.

Introduce yourself

tiny task – part #4

Consider all feedback and work on the visuals for your design, complete your page.

  1. work on any visuals included in your design
  2. experiment with patterns for background
  3. produce the final single webpage and submit your complete folder via Slack or email by the deadline: 7th November

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