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The eyelearn site is the home of teaching material for courses I deliver at the University of Greenwich ↗ and the University of Sheffield ↗.

Note to my students:
This very site is dedicated to the design course at Greenwich and runs on WordPress (content in database), the link to the Sheffield material is to a separate, static site (each page hand-coded).

Watch this talk.

This might be the best conference talk I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly the most important.—@adactio
Here's @beep's urgent talk concerning the web as an agent of power, its potential to do harm, the changing nature of our work, and the need for hope.—@naconf

This is the brilliant talk Ethan gave at the wonderful New Adventures Conference, 23/1/2019. A strong message which resonated with me - I cannot recommend it enough! Do make the time to watch it! And check out the coverage page for more. Or read my personal notes ;)