course notes 2017/18

interface design

Feb 7th 2018

How do you design an interface which is not only easy to use, works well across all screens and is aesthetically appealing as well?
Like a key to open a lock, your UI needs to give access to the content without bothering the user with the complexities which might lie beneath :)

case studies mentioned:

A few tips on how to sketch interfaces:

useful reading and inspiration

Forms to delight

Forms are part of most websites and deserve the same attention to detail. Let’s focus on a very simple scenario, a password-protected page, and see what ideas you can come up with :)

Your task is to design a login form. It asks for a password, offers a password-reminder function and error messages as fitting.

Brainstorm a few ideas for label and input layout. Remember to plan for the error messages and additional elements, such as confirmation.

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