projects 2016/17

introduce yourself!

Oct 19th 2016

The aim of this project is to create a professional profile page for yourself, a single page design. Selecting any information you find suitable, create a design which will present your chosen information in a clear and meaningful manner.

✔ check list #1

  1. write/edit/collect the information you’d like to feature on your profile
  2. mark up your text in a fitting structure and begin to experiment with typesetting
  3. focus on clear hierarchy and put relevant emphasis on each content type
  4. put together a fitting font-stack with a minimum of 5 fonts

✔ check list #2

  1. work with your given content to plan for effect presentation
  2. sketch out your ideas in your sketchbook, experiment/iterate/refine
  3. produce a digital mockup of your design (black/white only)

group feedback on part #1 & #2


✔ check list #3

  1. work either in a graphics app, or CSS, to experiment with colour schemes
  2. produce a digital mockup of your design
  3. post a link to your colour scheme ideas in the comments below, or post to the #design channel on Slack
  4. give feedback to each other ;)

✔ check list #4

  1. work on any visuals included in your design
  2. experiment with patterns for background
  3. produce the final single webpage and submit your complete folder via Slack by the 9th November

final deadline


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