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WordPress • more theme design

Mar 17th 2016

more WordPress love <3

Thanks to the eight of you who votes – winning with 6 votes is a follow-up on our WordPress theme design session ~ lovely :)

The WP codex  will still be your best friend – and if you’d like another way to read up – check out WPHierarchy. It offers a clear flow chart which breaks down the components, with direct links  to their references, very handy :)

I’ve worked on a revised version of our previous design, and we will go through all steps together to imiplement the design as WordPress theme, following a slightly different approach. Please use the following source files for today’s session:

Let’s go through the process of transferring an existing design into a WordPress theme together :)
Download the 2 ZIP files below to get started.
↓ download the sample design
↓ download the vanilla theme

While we started with the full theme and all its files last time – le’ts focus on a single file first, use as much of our design protoype’s code as we can for a first test. Once our design works, we are ready to work through the theme components and move onto the other theme files.

work with WordPress

slack iconPlease refer to our last session’s post for reading links and more – and let’s move any further talk about theme design to our LoveWP team on Slack from now on :)

Those of you looking to work with WordPress: join the team (let me know if you’d like to be invited) as it will be easier to keep our conversations separate from the rest of the program talk. This will mean less clutter for those not interested, and more focus for the rest of us WP lovers :)

Last session thoughts.

Can’t quite believe that today is our final session on this course… how time has flown by. Hope you enjoyed our sessions as much as I did – I hope you feel you’ve learnt a lot :) And that you will carry the torch for web standards and the all inclusive web forward, via your major projects and beyond! Wishing you all the best for your design journey on the web!

Long live the Open Web, and with it Open Source!
Long live WordPress!

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