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Colour scheme design

This is often a difficult task, especially when you are new to design. However, there are a few tips I can give you which might help :)

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opening slide: colour wheel
text: where to start?
colour combos
text: when do you have a blank canvas?
text: consider the given
text: plan for effect
text: show & tell
style tile sample: seeingdata.org website
sample scenario
Hattie's tea room logo
Hattie's tea room: core colours
Hattie's tea room: colour on light/dark
text: designing the colour scheme
text: tools & tribulations
tool: adobe color CC
tool: color rotate
recommended approach: DIY
3 methods
method 1: brand based
brand colours
brand colour shades/tones
brand colour shades/tones, expanded
example design : soft colours, rosé
example design : soft colours, slate
method 2: rooted in content
related objects: tea pots
related objects, tea in cups
glass cup with tea
find colour via pixellating image, option1
option1 colour palette: slate with brown
find colour via pixellating image, option2
option2 colour palette: slate with brown
example design : soft brown, rosé + slate
example design : bold panels, brown, rosé + slate
method 3: looking sideways
collage/moodboard + extracted colours
multi-tone colour palette
example design : multi-tone colour palette