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Colour is a topic which never ceases to inspire great discussion about interpretation, meaning and effect within design. As subjective as colour can be – it is our job as designers to be mindful of implications as well as considerate in our selection for use in interface and web design.

Before we dive in - let's see what associations colours will conjure up in our group, how much we differ or agree in our ideas of colour meaning :)
Colour poll

Pluralsight offers a few different courses on colour and this one seems a good complement to our session, giving you some more background.
Color Theory Fundamentals by Chris Davis

understanding the effects of colour

3 extremely different moods

Mary & Max

An animated clay feature film, telling the story of a pen-friendship between two very different people.

Fotoshop by Adobé

A personal project by Jesse Rosten, filmmaker and commercial director.

Disposable Teens

Song and video by Marilyn Manson


Time to consider how you'd go about putting together a fitting colour scheme for your project.

A bit of advice

As you explore the world of colour it is easy to get stuck or distracted due to the endlessness of possibilities when it comes to colour schemes. There is a seemingly infinite number of tools and examples online which you should explore by all means. My advice would merely be not to get too hung up on tools but to work towards creating your own unique colour schemes to fit your project's purpose and mission.

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learn by playing ;)