major project

Business & cultural context

The crit sessions start with context. While not everyone will be decided on an idea just yet, this sessions allows us to discuss alternative ideas, or different approaches to your existing idea. Take time with defining the purpose of your project, and consider its final setting and desired effect.


A website need not be commercial but there must be a set of clearly defined aims, explaining the reason for being “busy” on the website and for someone (you or a client) providing the necessary resources of time and money for its production and maintenance. It must have a purpose, even if that does not involve creating a revenue stream.

Cultural Context

A website is not an independent entity, it is a part of a world wide web of websites and its existence can be rationalised with respect to trends in contemporary culture and society. It is important for students on this programme to examine the “bigger picture” in order to understand and place their own work in a wider cultural context.