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Design for UX & Accessibility

Ongoing trials of what will work best :) Here are today's slides in 2 parts, as well as a video for more relaxed viewing perhaps? Please do let me know which format you prefer ~ curious to know.

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opening slide: Design for UX & Accessibility
defining terms
what is user experience?
question: does good user experience include accessibility?
what is accessibility?
question: does good accessible design deliver good user experience?
venn diagram of a11y + UX
assign the terms
a11y + UX circular connection
icons for physical, sensory and cognitive abilities
2 interface examples
sub/menu examples with prompts
devices and prompts
UX pointers
people and situations
people and situations
design for real life
prompts for people and situations
design for inclusion. design for delight
question mark
six thinking hats, dr edward de bono
six thinking hats: the rational mind
six thinking hats: the optimist
six thinking hats: the sceptic
six thinking hats: the intuitive mind
six thinking hats: the creative mind
six thinking hats: the analyst
design with people for people
prompts for inclusive ux design
accessibility as foundation of ux
reading recommendations

Highly recommended!

Please do watch Eric's talk 'Designing for Crisis' — it's well worth your time and attention and will inspire you to design for real life!