applied art for the web

How time flies...

Seems like we're started not that long ago and the teaching for this year is already over. This page will now keep the links for reference and make sure you won't miss any of the XTRATime sessions :)

XTRATime ✭ check on updates

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alumni mini-meets

This is a treat - every so often, we'll get together with some of our former students who will tell their stories. Time for a little catch-up and the sharing of experiences and advice.

alumni mini-meets ✭ check for upcoming meetups

to organise online get-togethers

As your work on your MP now carries on, bringing its challenges, we'll be more than happy to pop into any meetings you're having, or arrange dates with you. Let us know on Slack :)

our sites

  1. MA Web Design & Content Planning
    main website: websitearchitecture.co.uk
    For official details of the Applied art for the web module.
  2. Applied Art for the web
    this very site, web-design specific resources and materials for our module.
    The session notes will be updated each week with links and resources.


Programme page ! Via login only: VLE in uni intranet:

  1. Design for Web Content
  2. Content Management
  3. Social Media & SEO
  4. User Experience Design
  5. Applied Art for the Web
  6. Major Project