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Video Conferencing for everyone


Jitsi is a set of open-source projects that allows you to easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions.

In our remote world of communication there is an ever growing number of apps and services available for online meetings. While many are popular, not many are actively supporting online communication in a secure and private manner. The likes of Teams, Zoom or Skype all require accounts and their approach to privacy concerns and data handling can at times be concerning.

As you know me well enough by now, you'll not be surprised that I went on the hunt for a more ethical alternative, one with the best of people at heart - hence jitsi :)
Have a look at their projects and try out jisi meet which allows you to start a video call by merely sharing a link and offering many of the usual functions too. Nothing is recorded, no data kept and you can opt to password protect your meeting ~ easy peasy :)

In addition, if you have a DropBox account, you could use Jitsi so record a presentation, very handy.


Jitsi nicely integrates with Slack and you can easily start a new video conference and invite people. The link to the meeting will be added to the channel and will launch in the browser (or app if installed) where you can configure all settings as needed.

threaded reply screenshot of popup To start the meeting, go to the fitting channel, add /jitsi followed by an @mention for those invited.

PLEASE NOTE: this is one of my flyby videos – super-quick demos (without audio) – intended to be paused as needed (hit SPACE bar or use controls).

The fairly quick speed combined with a lack of audio, replaced by text only, is done intentionally for the sake of accessiblity and file load. To view, you are meant to pause the playback to take a closer look at screens or to read text.