This page will keep track of our extra-curricular activities, workshops and get-togethers. And anything else that might pop up :)

web peeps icon And.. our next date is now confirmed for this friday, 30th April @ 16:00 - 16:40 [BST]

This week is the start of our XTRATime sessions, with a workshop to recap on vectors/SVGs and sprites on thursday, and our first alumni mini-meet on friday.

week 26

brunch chat ツ vector recaps

our first ever ツ end-of-day meet-up

week 27

brunch chat ツ style tiles ? style prototypes ?

week 29

How to install WordPress manually

our second meet-up ツ friday brunch

week 30

brunch chat ツ projects, clients and communications

week 33

our third meet-up ツ end-of-day meet